A coveted position in The Stellar Association!

We are a private group of people creating wealth, not only for ourselves, but for those around us as well.

We provide funding for people with really bright ideas that are based on sound fundamentals. We specifically target ideas that have a benefit to society as a whole.

We use our wealth to benefit others in our community and we are a global group. Our reach and influence will always be used to make the world a better place.

We use 10% of the gross revenue we receive to secure Royalty Deals in current bright ideas. This allows us to constantly grow and always have income from current ventures.

The Stellar Association currently has
8 Royalty Deals.

The 8 ventures we have Royalty Deals with are:

1. 360WIN Poker
2. 360WIN Blackjack
3. 360WIN Baccarat
4. The Free Sportsbook
5. The FUNdraising Mall
6. H-POP/TLCC/The Charity App
7. Seal the Deal
8. Slots (still to be named)

You literally get paid to play.

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Because our deal is a Royalty Deal, our income is based on gross revenue.

With 4 Million Daily Plays in Each Venture;
A single position will earn over $18,000 MONTHLY.