Our mission is simple: We immerse your product into the game. Players earn chips by watching your ad and answering questions about your brand.

We know our players and drive traffic to 360WIN.com with content that is relevant to them. Players can earn a real game advantage by paying close attention to your ads and correctly answering questions about them.

Ad Buys & Social
Media Campaigns

  • Age
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Country
  • ZIP / postal code
  • Buying habits


  • Daily traffic metrics
  • Weekly campaign optimization
  • Monthly analysis & reporting

360WIN Guarantees

Ad Agreements are Based on the Number of People Who See Your Ad

  • Ad blockers are not used: the games are opt-in

Players are Incentivized to Watch Your Video Ads

  • They earn chips by paying close attention and interacting with your branded videos

No-Risk Gaming for Players

  • Players do not invest money to play games
  • Advertising & sponsorship dollars fund player winnings

Charities Benefit When Players Win

  • A dollar-for-dollar match of player winnings is donated to charity


If you are a company and would like to participate in our program please follow the link below: