It’s easy to win and it
doesn’t cost to play.

We host daily cash games–Texas Hold’em on uneven dates and blackjack on even days (we had to get mathematical about it). Check our schedule for the times.

Oh, and most nights you stand to win $100 but on Sundays we double the money and the amount of winners. And on some Fridays are $500 Fridays! Again, check the schedule!

To play for cash, you have to qualify. Choose a two or four player qualifying game. The difference? You win more chips if you beat four players. 
You can enter as many times as you like but you have to qualify BEFORE the cash game starts.

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No one online? Call your friends. Just pray they aren’t
better at poker than you are…

How to Play Texas Hold’em

Not a regular poker player? Don’t worry–here you can’t lose any money by playing.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors you can win an awful lot if you learn to play well, on the other hand.

So, learn to play today!

Here you have the chance to work with an influencer as well. Want professional help to learn to play? Get in touch with x–the 360win chosen poker
coach Mr/Mrs XYZ (there was someone on the list of influencers I sent you that offered poker coaching).

Charity Tournaments Once we have x users on our platform we start the charity tournaments.  This is when you stand to win $100,000. Not only that, we will give $100,000 to a charity of your choice (so long as they’ve been vetted by us–if your favorite charity can’t be found here emails us). The reason we need that many players? The sponsors won’t fork out the cash unless we do. They’re finicky like that. So rally your friends so you can win big! And if you want to become an affiliate and win when your friends win, you can do that here. Read more about charity tournaments here.
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