How old do I need to be to play?
You need to be a legal adult which is 18 in the US.

Who is 360WIN?
H-POP is a game under the 360WIN Brand. They host free charity tournaments in Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat.
Go to 360WIN.com and check them out.

Why am I registering for 360WIN when I register for H-POP?
Since H-POP is under the 360WIN Brand, we use one centralized database for all the games. This means you don't have to register again to play any of 360WIN's tournaments or to participate in any of the free Sportsbooks.

What are Poppy Seeds?
Poppy Seeds are a lot like Acorns only much better. They pay you a set amount each month for a set period of time. They range in value from $12 to $30 and pay from 20 cents to 50 cents per month anywhere from 12 to 60 months.

Where do I collect the money from my Poppy Seeds?
The money you win is automatically placed in your H-POP and/or 360WIN Cash Account. To see your balance, login to either H-POP or 360WIN, then click on Profile at the top, then Account.

How long will the buy one get one free special last?
It is unknown at this time. Once we get enough people addicted to our game to pass the tipping point of appealing to the masses, it will end.

What do I get if I refer others?
If you are into referring others, we have a special opportunity. Everyone who refers others will get 60 cents each time someone you refer buys an entry, and those will add up really fast! And even better, you also get 30 cents each time one of your referrals' referrals buys an entry. How great is that? It's definitely worth it to tell your friends about H-POP!
For big marketers who can refer at least 20 or more, we are offering a huge bonus. $5 per person who completes the Special Bonus requirements.

If completing two offers on the home page of Great Deals and Free Stuff will get you the Special bonus, will completing 4 offers get you the special bonus twice?
It sure will!

Can I complete an offer more than once?
These are third party offers who each have their own respective rules and regulations so please be sure to read over their rules before proceeding.

How does using my Credit Card guarantee I will win?
H-POP has two specials that when combined, ensure you win and win enough to pay the cost of your entry and any interest you would have to pay on top. The Poppy Seeds you are guaranteed to win will MORE than cover your Credit Card payment, giving you a positive residual income and several chances at bigger prizes, including $100,000.

If I get a loan from Zippy Loans, will I win enough to pay the loan payments for sure?
Yes, and then some, leaving you with your loan payments covered, a monthly residual income, and several shots at higher prizes including the $100,000 Grand Prize.