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Test your powers of perception
with our hilarious trivia game
where EVERYONE wins!

What is H-POP?

H-POP is a very cool and hilarious perception game brought to you by 360WIN.

You can get free entries by completing offers at

You can also buy one entry for $10 and get one free if you act now.

To play the game, you watch a few short short funny video. (Sometimes they are funny commercial.)

After each video, answer multiple-choice questions about the funny video.

The quicker you answer, the more points you earn.

H-POP Parrot

Outscore only two others and you WIN!

Each time you win, you get a prize and
get to play again for a different prize.

Win all 12 games in a row and you'll
win all 12 prizes consisting of 3 different
prize wheel spins and $112,750 in CASH!

But wait, there's more! If you lose two games in a row... YOU WIN!

Check out the BONUS section below...

Hilarious TriviaHilarious TriviaHilarious Trivia

New coincomparison

Everyone Wins!

Cost to play is $10 but for a limited time you get two entries for the price of one!

If you lose 2 games in a row, BAM... you are a winner!

Send an email to and tell us when you played and who you are.

We will give you a spin on the cash wheel and DOUBLE what you win!

Great Deals and Free Stuff

Great Deals and Free Stuff

Get Free Entries

Complete any offer on the Great Deals and Free Stuff home page

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We will credit you with 2 free entries into the H-POP Game

We will give you a spin on the cash wheel and DOUBLE what you win!

Defeat 2 others and win a game

Cost to play $10 ($5 with our current buy one get two)
Win a game, get a prize, and advance to the next game with a bigger prize.

You only have to defeat 24 others to win $100,000!


H-POP Entries

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Hilarious Power of Preception

Watch each video carefully because there's going to be a test.

Answer the multiple choice question correctly and get points.

Answer the question fast and get more points.

The longer you take to answer correctly, the fewer points you will score.

Be careful though, a wrong answer gets you zero points.